Our Voice, Through Dance

iAlign Dance Company is a non-profit comprised of community dancers dedicated to serving the people and organizations within this community. At iAlign, we strive to embody the human experience through dance and artistic expression. To truly understand our company, you must first understand our name. As a biology major and lifelong dancer, our Founder has always been captivated by the makeup of the human body, and in dance, proper body alignment is essential for both strength and physical health. The stress that is caused by moving out of alignment can increase fatigue and exposure to injury; such is also true in life. She believes when we align our mind, body, and spirit, we find strength within and equip ourselves to respond to even the most adverse circumstances. If we align ourselves with our neighbors, there is no limit to what can we can achieve. 

The “i” in iAlign serves as a reminder for us to remain humble in all our works. All the great work we have done and plan to do in the future is a group effort.  We hope to continue exposing the community to these issues by portraying the information in a new way…through the lens of modern dance. Each year iAlign spotlights a different need and seeks to educate people on the adversities experienced by members of our community. Together we will inspire a greater world that embraces diversity and cultivates a deeper understanding of the human experience.