Community Outreach

Over the years we have supported our community in various ways. From homeless care kits and winter coat drives, family adoptions, to Food Drives at Peck Elementary, and Community Walks with both the National Multiple Sclerosis & Lung Cancer Societies. Our dance company seeks to be active in our community. With our dance performances we have been able to give a little over $9,000 back into our community to different organizations.
This year as we focus on our season topic of Bullying, we also cannot become blind to educational changes some of our families and students are struggling with due to COVID-19. We must acknowledge the educational challenges our students are facing due to COVID-19 in this new virtual learning space.  Therefore, we have partnered with local professional tech companies to clean & refurbish used (and new) laptops, which will be distributed to our Guilford County Students. 

We are launching the Laptop Give-In Program where anyone who has an old or new laptop, can give that laptop in to help a student in need!  The requirement for virtual learning has overwhelmed many families as they try to provide technology and other resources. We align ourselves with the students and their families as a community to support the educational advancement of Guilford County Students!